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Automobile Locksmith Houston TX

automotive transponder keysAs you search for locksmith services, it is important to realize that not every auto locksmith can manage newer keys and ignition systems. For example, even if your vehicle has conventional key, newer electronic systems with computerized monitors can still make it difficult for an auto locksmith to install a new lock outside of a dealer shop. Fortunately, our mobile locksmith has all of the computer reset tools and other items required to ensure your vehicle can be started.

A Locksmith Service On hand 24/7:

When it comes to locksmithing services, you will not always find an affordable one that offers 24 hour services. That said, we understand that emergencies do not happen on schedule. Therefore, when we offer 24 hour locksmith services, we always commit ourselves to providing affordable services and responders that arrive within 15 minutes of receiving your call.

In Houston, you will not find any other emergency locksmith that can meet, let alone beat our record.

Car Locksmiths with Integrity:

Even though there is a good bit of difference between a commercial locksmith and an automotive one, honesty and dedication to excellence are always important. Our 24 hours emergency locksmith will always do everything possible to avoid damage to your vehicle, as well as any property stored inside it.

No matter whether you need lock services for a mobile home or regular vehicle, you can rely on us to:

• Use only the best quality replacement parts.
• We will never steal anything from your vehicle.
• Our repair agents will never damage fragile paint surfaces, carpets, or other parts of the vehicle.
• Mobile responders will always use the correct tools to do a good job.
• Our staff members are always polite, and will provide you with accurate answers and cost estimates.
• We are fully dedicated to making sure that each repair or replacement job restores full access to your vehicle.
• We will never use old or outdated equipment to try and repair sensitive new locks just to try and reduce our expenses.
• You will receive accurate and fair estimates of cost and materials needed to complete any given locksmith service.



  • “My key actually broke off in the lock of my front door. Who the heck does that happen to? It never happened to me before and I didn’t know what to do. My neighbor suggested I call 24 hour fast locksmith Houston TX.."

  • “I had gotten locked out of my car while shopping one night. There I was standing around with bags from the stores staring at my keys in the car. I called 24 hour fast locksmith Houston, TX. They showed up at my car within 25 minutes.."

  • “Who leaves there keys right on the table next to the door so you can pick them up when you leave? I sure do. Who also forgets to pick them up and locks themselves out? That would be me too.."

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