Fingerprint Door LockOnce you have decided on upgrading your traditional dead bolt to something more modern, there are still looming issues that you need to address before you purchase the new primary lock for your home. This guide aims to enlighten readers with some of the issues looming around fingerprint locks in hopes that it will guide you to the right fingerprint lock for your house or office.

  1. Number of Users – One of the first things to consider in purchasing a fingerprint lock is that, first and foremost, it requires a fingerprint to scan. With that being said, know immediately the number of users that you will provide these digital keys to as the number of users a fingerprint lock can scan vary from model to model. You wouldn’t want someone deliberately knocking on the door every time they want to enter their own house simply because the storage ran out of space for that person’s biometrics.
  2. fingerprint commercial lockBattery Life – Just as with all other technology, fingerprint locks also have battery life. Although this may seem more of a caution towards the buyer rather than about the technology itself, it is still important to note the life expectancy of the battery life of your lock before you have to replace it. Having a dead fingerprint scanner without a manual key is the digital equivalent of losing your key. In purchasing your first fingerprint lock, be weary of how long the battery will last so that you can replace it before it expires.
  3. Backups – As mentioned in number two, some fingerprint locks still keep their analogue ancestors near by providing manual overrides and key ports in case anything goes wrong with the biometric scanner. It is up to the buyer whether they will keep it purely modern and excludes the manual key overrides or if they still want to keep a spare key in case anything goes wrong. Generally speaking, the only time a fingerprint lock would go wrong is if it ran out of battery. However, it is still better to be safe than sorry.
  4. Style – Security reasons aside, the lock will still be part of the overall appearance of the house or the office. With that being said, it is still important to take note of which designs go with which type of architecture.  There are countless of fingerprint locks out in the market that cater to all types of architectural designs and they are all worth a look at so that you do not compromise the overall design of the house when you consider upgrading the locks.
  5. Credibility – With the rise of demand comes also the rise of suppliers. When purchasing a fingerprint lock that would replace the primary door lock of your home, it is something that you should also consider. Invest in the creators that have made a name for themselves when it comes to fingerprint locks and you cannot go wrong. The top names in the fingerprint door lock industry include: BioAxxis, 1Touch, BioBolt, ACTAtek, Shepherd, BioLock, iTouchless, 21st Century Locks, and ArrowVision. They are well-known for a reason and are definitely worth the extra cost when you consider that this will be the primary lock keeping your house safe from the outside world.
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