high security lockNot having your own private office could pose as a risk for your safety and the security of your possessions. Yes, your colleague has been your pal since you started working in the company but how about other people in the production floor? How sure are you no one has been to your stuff after office hours have ended? Are you confident to leave your valuables like your purse, your mobile phone, your credit cards or any important paperwork at your desk?

Using the most suitable commercial lock for your office desk, filing cabinets and your workstation will not just safety your valuables but will also provide you with peace of mind even when you are far from your desk or you are not at work. So what is the ideal commercial lock to use? Different lock brands have so many features to offer that consumers are often confused which one to pick. Here are some of the most important things to consider in a commercial grade lock according to most office workers and employees:

  1. Durability – the lock that you choose whether you would require a padlock or cabinet drawer locks for your drawer and cabinets should be made of durable material. The strongest to choose is hardened steel which is hard to pry open even with a crowbar or with an ordinary pair of bolt cutters. A durable lock also means that it is tamper proof; the key opening must have a safety mechanism to disallow picking and tampering. You can find a lock with this kind of feature when you carefully shop online.
  2. Ease of use – the ease of opening the lock may sound contrary to its purpose but given that you are in a hurry, you as the owner of the desk could open the lock quickly and lock it afterwards without the worry of not being able to completely do so. While numeric locks offer the most security in an office environment, it could be very troublesome for an employee who needs to access his desk in a hurry or have forgotten the lock’s code. But if you are a conscientious office worker and safety is your utmost priority then numeric locks are not a hassle at all; this kind of lock may be the most suitable one for you.
  3. Price – certainly safety and security of employees by providing the ideal locking mechanism is in the hands of the employer. An employer who has his employee’s needs in mind will provide adequate funds to make sure that safety and security in the workplace is considered. Commercial locks therefore must be reasonably priced and are practical to use. However if this is not done in your workplace then you as an employee should provide your own means to provide safety and security of their belongings. Talk to your supervisor or your human resource department for employee safety and the security of your belongings if this is not observed.
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