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Emergency Locksmith? Call 24-Hour Locksmith Houston

If you are old enough to remember the “good old days” when car keys were simply keys that opened your automobile and started the car, you probably don’t drive that vehicle anymore.

Along with those simple keys, car doors had lock knobs that you could pull up with a coat hanger if you were locked out. Today, car door unlocking is not as simple as a coat hanger back up. 

Locks Are Linked

As a matter of fact, if you try to force the lock open on some of the new cars you are very likely to end up with broken locks in all your doors simultaneously. With modern technology, the locking systems are part of the entire locking module. Even a door jimmy that was once standard equipment in police cars can damage your locks.

This is when an emergency lockout service with certified locksmiths that provide 24-7 service comes in handy.  Sometimes, it becomes necessary to reprogram a lock or even replace one to prevent the locking system from freezing up later.

Changing Car Door Locks

Because of the way in which modern cars are designed, you have two choices.  Either, you can have your car towed to the dealership where they will change and reprogram your locks or you can call a professional locksmith with special equipment to change locks.  

Two recognized auto magazines recently compared the costs of each option.  Both discovered that calling a qualified locksmith was considerably less expensive. Remember, dealerships charge by the hour. 

Ignitions Freeze Up Even in Houston

When we look into the way-back machine, ignitions usually only needed repair when a key broke off or the mechanisms just wore out. Fortunately, this still happens and repairing or replacing the ignition is a straightforward technical job. Many popular vehicles have ignitions that can be repaired easily. They can also be hot-wired more easily than the models that have taken their place on car lots over the last three or four years.

Looking forward to the latest high-tech models, ignition repair is warranted because of a communication break down from the computerized module that controls it. When a thief tries to hot-wire your car, the locking system in the ignition immediately freezes. These ignition repairs require high-tech solutions and professional locksmiths with specific training to correct. 

But, It’s an Emergency!

It really doesn’t matter if you lost your keys at a store, they disappeared beneath a couch cushion or the ignition won’t turn over no matter how much you jiggle the key. When your locks just are not cooperating, it is an emergency. That’s when you can give us a call at 281-406-3199



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